Happy "Tails" from Year of the Dog's Clients


"Our Lucy is a Border Collie-Lab with enough enthusiasm and energy for four dogs.  She loves people and just can't contain herself when she sees a human being; jumping up, leaping and tugging to get at them, tail wagging her whole body.  She was always a problem going for a walk, pulling/tugging on the leash and as she got bigger, pulling me with her.

We called on Madison to see if she could help.  As usual, Lucy was jumping with joy at seeing another human being but as soon as Madison walked in our front door, Lucy looked up at her as Madison walked to her side.  Lucy sat, obediently transfixed on Madison.  It was amazing!  Madison gently talked to Lucy a moment, put a collar on Lucy and took her for a gentle walk.  Lucy never strained or pulled one time.  I was flabbergasted. Madison showed me how to walk her gently on a leashed collar and she has behaved ever since. So if you have an out-of-control doggie, call on Madison.  She's our local dog whisperer!"

 -Martha Giles

"Madison trained our Great Pyranees / Lab in a very short amount of time. We saw immediate improvement after one session. 

  Sarge was a puppy, 10 months old and 100 lbs, very energetic and impulsive. Madison taught Sarge to stay in 'place' and much more. He is socially appropriate and can resist distractions extremely well. Madison worked with Sarge (and us!) to teach him how to understand voice and facial commands. Madison uses positive reinforcement and healthy treats for rewards. Sarge now goes on walks and ignores distractions and does not pull on his lead. We also learned how to command Sarge. Madison is extremely professional and our family is so fortunate to have her train all of us!"

-Dan and Cheryl Bryson
Southlake, Texas

"We worked with Madison after hearing about her through a friend. She worked with our Basset Hound puppy and it was the best decision we ever made! From the time we started, the entire program was customized to Ruger. Madison showed extensive knowledge of his breed and his specific personality. It was a much better experience than a group class where every dog must be trained the same way. Madison not only taught our puppy commands and behaviors, but she taught US how to give them (which was probably the biggest challenge for her!) I would recommend this program to all puppy owners! I just love taking Ruger places and he gets comments all the time on his good behavior. Madison worked with our schedule and was always available if I had questions. She is wonderful! Thanks Madison!"

-Bethany and Mike

"We at the Humane Society of North Texas love Madison. She has taken dogs that have been in the shelter for months and made them into lovable pets. Thank you for donating your time and helping our four legged friends find their forever homes!"

-Destinee, Humane Society of North Texas Adoption Coordinator