Basic Obedience Program 6 lessons (1 hour each)

Basic commands such as the sit-and-stay, down-and-stay, and boundary stay, as well as walking loose-leash and heeling. Just need a refresher? Only want to focus on a few of these commands? I also offer individual lessons! (1 hour)

Behavior Modification (1 hour each)
Addressing problem behaviors, such as chewing, digging, housebreaking, nuisance barking, and more. I do not specialize in aggression.

Basic Obedience Program + Behavior Modification 6 lessons (90 minutes each)

See basic obedience and behavior modification listed above.

Puppy Program-Basic Obedience + Puppy Problem Solving 6 lessons (1 hour each) *for puppies 8 weeks to 9 months
Teaching your puppy proper manners from day one! Beginnings of obedience as well as potty training and crate training and taking care of problem behaviors in their beginning stages: chewing, jumping up, nipping, etc.

Tricks for Clicks Individual Classes (30 min each)
Want to impress your friends with your pooch’s pouts? Shake hands with your favorite furry friend? How about teach your dog to play dead, or even bring you a drink from the fridge? These classes will teach your pup to perform by using the sensational clicker technique. Class is recommended for dogs that have been enrolled or graduated from Basic Obedience.

Consultation Services
Planning on bringing a new furry friend home? Allow me to help you find the perfect pooch. One of the most important factors in having a good relationship with your dog is finding a dog that matches your personality and what you want in your home. I can give you ample breed information gathered from my education and personal experiences, temperament testing for dogs you may be interested in, and everything you need to know about bringing a new dog home. Would you like to know how to puppy proof your house? Give Year of the Dog a call!