About YOTD's Trainer


Madison Hensley, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist


My name is Madison, owner and trainer at Year of the Dog, a dog training business devoted to achieving balanced relationships between owners and their canine companions.  I attended the globally recognized school for dog training, Starmark Academy, where I certified as a professional trainer with specialization in SAR and scent-detection.  I have gone on to handle a bedbug detection dog for one of the largest pest control companies in the DFW area, certifying as a team with both the IBBMA and NESDCA.  I have trained countless dogs of different breeds and temperaments, saving many dogs from shelters and euthanasia.  I believe that all dogs learn differently and deserve a personalized approach to training.  Let me show you my passion by allowing me to help you and your dog develop trust between one another. Let me prove to you that any dog can learn new, good behaviors and benefit from my balanced training method. At YOTD, I believe that every year should be the Year of the Dog.

Meet My Pack



My Belgian Malinois puppy, protection and scent-detection


Cattle dog/Aussie mix and queen of tricks


My GSD/Lab mix and the ultimate couch potato

I teach...



The importance of daily training and reward history to avoid confusing your pet



When and how you reward and correct a dog means everything in training



Dogs deserve a paycheck when they have done a great job. Exploring what motivates your dog is key in his/her training

I look forward to meeting you and your pack!



All dogs learn at different rates.  It is important to be patient and give your dog the time he/she needs to learn



A good relationship in any pack revolves around respecting one another.  Your dog should respect your rules and boundaries, just as you should respect his/hers



Your dog looks to you to show him/her the right way.  I will teach you how to be your dog's leader for life